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Illegally Parked Tow Away

illegally parked car being towed away

As the leading company with the most reliable tow trucks in the region, the best towing service in Metro Toledo that you are going to want to trust is right here at Metro Toledo Towing Services. We are the team of experts that know how to meet your needs, and more importantly, we are properly prepared to meet your needs, regardless of the circumstances. That is why. We are the leading specialist for 24/7 emergency towing services, and also roadside assistance. Not to mention we can help with jump starting a vehicle or also towing away illegally parked vehicles.

Contract Work

If you operate a business, or if you have. A residential property in a buy part of town, you know how important it is to have the parking spots at your property reserved for your guests and for yourself. However, a lot of the time, there are individuals who ignore restrictions that are indicated on signs or in other parts of your property. that is why you are going to want to hire us here at Metro Toledo Towing Services for all of your illegally parked tow away needs. We know how to get this work done, and we know how to get it done right.

Community Service

There are times when there are community events going on, and when there are other community activities that are happening that require clear spaces and for it to be free of vehicles. However, some individuals are disrespectful to the parking indications, and you are going to need a tow service. The team here at Metro Toledo Towing Services is ready to meet your community service towing needs, and we are going to be able to clear the area so it is perfectly suited for what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.

Any Vehicle

There may be times when an illegally parked vehicle is very large, and the average tow truck is not going to be able to cut it. You do not need to worry though. Instead, you can trust us here at Metro Toledo Towing Services with all of your towing service needs. We have the largest fleet vehicles in the region, and we are going to be able to tow away any illegally parked vehicle, regardless of how large or awkward it may seem. We also have the proper storing facilities to ensure that the towed vehicle is out of sight and stress free for you.


Having proper signage for your property is important in mitigating the number of illegally parked vehicles on your property. You may want to have signage but do not know where to get it. Do not worry about trying to figure that out. Instead, you are going to want to make sure that you call us here at Metro Toledo Towing Services for all of your parking regulation signs. We are going to be able to put our logo on the sign as well, so people know not to bother you when their sign is gone.